Shared Topic: A few of my favourite things

I was all fired up to write about my love of Howling Fjord last week, and I wondered if other bloggers might also find it fun to write about their favourite quests and zones. (Plus, to be honest, I was curious to see what they had to say, and maybe get a lead on cool stuff that I have missed!)

So I suggested it as a shared topic on Blog Azeroth (which is a cool community for WoW bloggers). The Twisted Nether crew (who sponsor the shared topic) picked my topic this week!! And three other people took up the challenge:

Tales of an Aggronaut writes about his love of Westfall and the Deadmines.

Adventures of a Priest discusses the Alliance Onyxia key chain, and compares how hard it used to be back in the day. (LFM Jailbreak.)

Destructive Reach actually makes me sympathise with the Alliance a bit … hm, my resolve to run through Wrath on an Alliance character is wavering.

edited to add:

Aeltyr posts at AndTwoRogues about the Cipher of Damnation questline in Outland