WoW US Insider?

I like WoW Insider, it’s a cool blog. People put a lot of work into it, there’s tons and tons of content, and I kind of like the random scattershot nature of the posts. It isn’t consistent, but that’s part of the charm.

But I am tired of the relentless assumption that we’re all in the US. Take this post, spotted today:

Here we are, my old friend. You and I, waiting for downtime again. Yeah, we got a little spot of downtime coming our way again.

Downtime? Nope, we really don’t have any here (at least not more than usual). Our maintenance is tomorrow, but thanks for playing.

Also no comment on the European side of things being hived off to Blizzard Europe. I don’t expect deep and incisive reportage but you know, maybe just a note in passing.

For sure, most of their readers are probably in America. But there’s no need to pointlessly alienate the rest. It’s not that anyone needs to read two posts about maintenance every week (how about no posts about maintenance, just for a change of pace?), but we’re all still playing the same game. Right?