Mrs Spinks searches for Love (in all the wrong places)

I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day. It’s a tacky excuse for profiteering from card companies and restaurants, and which also begs the question, “Why can’t you tell your beloved that you love them on the other 364.25 days of the year?”

On the other hand, I do like presents. And chocolates. And flowers (in moderation). And being taken out for dinner. So I’m conflicted. We resolve this conflict at home by resolutely staying at home on Valentine’s Day and going out for a romantic date (probably involving The Wolfman this year) on some other night in the same week. Yeah! Stick it to the man!

Mrs Spinks on the other hand, has a low tolerance for being showered with rose petals. Which is unfortunate because there’s an achievement for it.


Trudging round Dalaran during the current holiday is a neverending shower of rose petals.

And it isn’t just Dalaran. You can be innocently tanking some random instance when suddenly, “Argh, stealth rose petals!”

And wouldn’t you know it, the one person who you’d be secretly OK with throwing petals just continues to show no interest.

There’s an achievement, dammit! He could always pretend.

Yup, there’s something about tall men …


Eventually I give up and decide to go find a death knight of my own. A human one.

picstory You can see me checking my achievement list, having stalked my prey into one of the Dalaran Banks. But alas, he didn’t even notice I was there, even after being showered with rose petals.