Preparing for Cataclysm: Garage Sales and Test Realm Antics

One thing is for sure as a new expansion approaches in Warcraft – many of the end game materials and components that have been staples of the economy for the last two years will suddenly become defunct, useful only as curios.

It’s at this time of the expansion cycle that people start thinking about clearing out their current bank inventory and making more room. But what to sell, or buy, or collect? And emblems and honour will also become outmoded, what to do with those?

In a scant few months, almost no one will want to buy those epic gems, raid crafting materials, or foodstuffs. There will be some demand from new goblins or worgen who are levelling tradeskills but it won’t be for the level 80 endgame materials. On the other hand, cosmetic items which required some grind at 80 might become even more sought after in future. The pets from the Argent Tournament fetch a decent price now, but how much more when half the new players don’t even know where the place is, let alone want to go grind rep there? Plus of course there will be a huge influx of gold into the system when everyone heads out questing again. So prices may rise across the board as the value of current era gold falls.

But still, that’s months away. Players will still want to gem and enchant their gear as long as they are still raiding/ PvPing. They’ll want to buy materials to prepare for the expansion too.

But I did find something recently that made me think harder about my plans.


The Tiny Crimson Whelpling is a rare dropped pet in The Wetlands and is a small red dragon. I wasn’t particularly trying to farm for one. I was just wasting time while waiting for Arbitrary because I wanted to show her where to find the Razormaw Hatchling eggs (another pet, but not so rare.)

And now the poor thing is sitting in my bags while I try to decide what to do with it. I guess the pet is probably still available in Cataclysm but we won’t know that for sure until the expansion goes live (I’m assuming that beta players have better things to do). So on the one hand it’s pretty cool and definitely rare at the moment. On the other, it’ll probably be worth more after the expansion drops, possibly lots more if it is no longer farmable.

But it’s a tiny red dragon! Would a worgen with a tiny red dragon pet be cool or not?

Have you started clearing  out your bags and banks for Cataclysm? Or collecting things to help future alts with levelling and training a craft?

A glimpse beyond the veil

The character copy has finally worked for me with the Public Test Realm so I’ve been able to start testing warrior stuffs for patch 4.0. It feels a bit like Moses getting a glimpse of the promised land – I’m not cool enough to be in the actual beta, but just enough to do a bit of testing with a fragment of what is to come.


This shows the default UI during combat. The red shields are the new built in power aura effect for Sword and Board. It thoughtfully also lights up the icon, and writes the name of the ability above your head, making me feel like a character in an anime.


I find myself reluctant to actually go tank an instance without waiting for people I know to transfer over. I know from other comments that AE threat has been found to be lacking and when I say to myself, “Self, how about testing this new tanking build in an actual instance with a PUG?” I somehow find a zillion other things to do instead.

I just can’t feel inspired to want to put up with whatever insults and personal comments  the frustrated and overgeared dps masses probably want to throw at me. I will sometime. I’ll gird my loins with beer or something and just see what happens but in the cold clear light of day, it sounds rather masochistic and I’m sure I urgently need to test … err… something or other different. I remember tanking BC heroics on my warrior. It had its moments, but those were mostly in specific instances which played to my strengths (I remember Arcatraz being a personal favourite.)

My inclination is to tank for friends or guildies, and switch to DPS for everyone else if it’s going to be like that. This probably does not bode well for LFG queues in Cataclysm, because if I’m not sure I want to tank randoms, you can bet a lot of other people are thinking the same thing.

Still, on the bright side, Victory Rush heals Spinks for about 10k which is is a fifth of her health unbuffed. Not bad.

Dragon Age Hint: So you need more storage space

One of my major issues with the game is the lack of some kind of vault in which to store items that you might need later on in the game. I end up carrying around way too many gifts for companion characters I haven’t even met yet, for example.

If you have the same problem, you’ll be pleased to know that there is now an (free) unofficial  addon which adds a storage chest to your camp. You can get hold of it here. Read and follow the installation instructions carefully so that everything ends up in the right directories. It won’t conflict with the storage provided as part of the Warden’s Keep DLC if you already have that.

It’s a generous addition by one of the Bioware coders, on his personal time. He’s also provided the source code, so addon writers looking to add things to the campsite could use that as a starting point.