We need words for this: 15 MMO concepts that need labels

Language is a wonderful and everchanging thing. In a week that sees ‘noob’ added to the dictionary, I feel that MMOs still have more to contribute to the evolution of the English language.

Here’s a few suggestions for objects, feelings, or situations where current vocabulary doesn’t quite cut it. We need new words for these:

  1. Travelling halfway around the world to a group or instance before suddenly realising that you left some critical item in your bank.
  2. The feeling you get when you respec from tanking/healing to dps,  and you hit things and they fall over and you can’t stop giggling.
  3. The guy who always goes afk just before a boss pull. (note: noob may cover this one.)
  4. The sensation of wondering whether something you just discovered was meant to be there or is just a bug.
  5. In-game fishing zen.
  6. When one more person signs up than the group size will allow. It doesn’t matter what game you are playing or what the actual groupsize is.
  7. The screenshot that you take after a first kill.
  8. Realising that someone just signed up for your raid who you said you’d never group with again — but you need them to make up the numbers.
  9. The types of strange conversation that go on in your game’s main chat channel (if it has one). eg. Trade chat, Barrens chat (for the dinos)
  10. Someone who has been playing a game since the first day it went live.
  11. Very militaristic guilds, especially when the officers have delusions of grandeur.
  12. The kind of RP server which isn’t really very different from a regular server except that some of the names are better.
  13. The sinking feeling when a friend rerolls the same class/role as you and you know you’ll be fighting for group spots with them later.
  14. People who only log on to do dailies.
  15. Extended discussions in guild about what type of DKP system to use.

Feel free to suggest more!