[Diablo 3] Things that should not happen in single player games


YOU SHALL NOT PASS – until the weekly maintenance is over

#1 Weekly Maintenance

You can get around this by creating a character on one of the other sets of servers (ie. EU, US, whichever the other region is) since they have different maintenance windows. But dammit, you shouldn’t have to.

Blizzard could have avoided so many of these issues by having a solo offline version and just making it clear that playing offline meant no access to AH, chat with friends, random groups, and even special online events or ladders if they want to go that way. Just make it impossible to use the offline characters in online or group play to avoid the cheating and a lot of people would have been much happier.

I also think they could have been more explicit (maybe a handout in the box) in explaining exactly what the online side meant in terms of access and gameplay.

#2 Being hacked

So reports are increasing about people having been hacked, and some of those reports imply authenticators were in place. It’s probably best to avoid random groups until this has been sorted out.

I can buy that hackers will be out in force any time a MMO/expansion/online game is released, but this is not something you would ever expect to see in a single player game.

What would D3 have been like if Bioware had written it?

  1. One of your companions would have betrayed you, probably the healer.
  2. You would have turned out to be the last of the Horadrim, or Diablo. Probably both.
  3. Your character would have been able to sleep with Tyrael. Or Adria. Probably both.
  4. Ranged classes would have been hugely overpowered. (Wait, maybe they already are…)
  5. At the end of the game, you’d have either to destroy Diablo, control him or make everyone a demon-human hybrid. Either way, you die and all magic in Sanctuary is gone forever. (Anon.) [G]Kill, [B]Banish, or [R]Bond With? (azaael)
  6. When Deckard Cain begins one of his stories you can use the dialogue wheel to choose whether to listen or tell him to shut up. Doing so earns you Heaven/Hell points. (bernardparsnip)
  7. It would have given you a character visual customizer! I’d have taken this. On the flipside, after Blizzard put the votes in for what color the stock female Demon Hunter should have, the fanbase splits over ‘Red’ or ‘Blonde.’ Wars are almost started. (azaael)
  8. Even MORE cutscenes! (azaael)
  9. 6th Character, the Shapeshifter Druid! Available for 12.99 on the first day. (azaael)
  10. Feel free to suggest more …