[Cataclysm] Patch 4.1, everything old is new again, and looking for guild

So the first gingerbread trails of news leading to the next big WoW patch have started up. I had a few bullet point reactions.

  • I’ve heard people comment that the timing was directed at countering Rift. This may be true but it’s also happens to be the time of the year for product launches and announcements anyway – DA2, Bulletstorm, Pokemon Black and White, etc (hint: those launches were not all aimed at hampering Rift). If people could just get their heads out of the AAA MMO sandpit for a moment they’d see this sort of stuff is par for the course.
  • There are two ways to react to a redo of an old instance. 1) oh no, they’re reusing old bosses/ graphics. 2) Wow, awesome, they’re updating an old storyline.
  • Blizzard having reused Nefarian in this tier of raiding (when any of Deathwing’s children could have fitted the bill) is a far far worse breach of “oh god, why do we have to fight the same boss again when its story is already over and done with” than the troll instances which, to be fair, were always populated with demi gods anyway.
  • Or in other words, I think a retooled ZA and ZG sound as though they could be good fun. They won’t be the same as the originals but they were both fun, lively instances with memorable fights so if Blizzard can keep that aspect they’ll be onto a winner here.
  • A new tier of ilvl 353 epics. Really? (Just for comparison – heroics drop ilvl 346 blues, raids and exalted reps give ilvl 359 epics. At this point they’re just splitting hairs; just decide that Cataclysm epics start at ilvl 359 and don’t confuse people with a few extra points here and there!)
  • Guild quests sound interesting. It will be particularly interesting to see what types of guilds the quests are aimed at.
  • New looking for guild interface is another interesting addition, that in my opinion the game has needed for ages. What they have at the moment is fairly basic though. You get to select your choice of guild as Casual/ Moderate/ Hardcore and to set whether you are free during weekdays or weekends. Then you can note whether you play tank/healer/ dps and leave a note for any interested guilds at the bottom. I’m puzzled as to what sort of guild finding this is possibly fit for. The mind boggles. But still, it’s a start and if all you want to do is tank at weekends, it probably could help find something.
  • Firelands raid and dailies. If the dailies are like Quel’Danas (TBC dailies) this could be a lot of fun for people as they get the sense of helping to slowly change the zone. On the other hand, you just super changed the zone by zooming through its quests at level 80, so spending a couple of months doing dailies to change another part is going to feel slow in comparison. We know now that the raid will be coming later than the new 5 man instances. I don’t know how well that will work for the raiding crowd or how bored they are with the current tier but together with a caverns of time raid there’s certainly plenty to look forwards to.

I think the next couple of WoW patches sound as though they will be good fun. There are new 5 mans, a progressive daily quest hub, loads of new lore and caverns of time related stuff, and the chance to kill Ragnaros (again :P), preferably before he evolves beyond legs.

I’m on the fence myself when it comes to reusing old bosses. Certainly with the old troll demi gods and elemental lords it can be very powerful storywise to bring them back in an appropriate manner. Ragnaros in particular sounds like a great use of an old boss.