Exciting content for WoW/3.1?

Eyonix posts in WoW forums about exciting upcoming changes for patch 3.1.

These are not the exciting changes we’ve been looking for, they are class tweaks. (OK, there may be priests who are ecstatic at the ability to cast an extra buff on people but I don’t think that really improves the gameplay much.)  What we want to hear about is:

  • Dual Specs
  • New Raid Instances
  • Any Other New Content
  • New fluff
  • Something else that’s fun but unexpected
  • Savage nerfs to classes that we don’t play but that will cause mucho entertaining bitching and flamewars on forums. (Or is that just me?)

I can’t be the only person who is thinking that it’s been awhile since Blizzard mentioned anything about the dual spec notion, except to say that they were still working on it.

In any case, it’s hard not to compare with the smorgasbord of exciting new content that Mark Jacobs laid out for Warhammer recently with new classes, zones, and PvP content. And a timescale. Admittedly he is the hypemaster but I have a short attention span and I like hype!

2 thoughts on “Exciting content for WoW/3.1?

  1. I don’t see him so much as a hype master. He is gets excited about his game, which is what I want to see from a owner. I don’t get that feeling of passion from WoW.

    If people were to compare the rollout of the 2 titles, then you have to give Warhammer with the most impressive start. yes there were bugs and we had the 3 month early release, but I still have faith.

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