Quote of the Day: On geek fallacy

From poster KingDobbs on rpg.net forums:

You know, there comes a time in every geek’s life when they have to resign themselves to the notion that their tastes are in the minority, and that it does not constitute a failing of the majority when their tastes do not match.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: On geek fallacy

  1. Replace geek with person and it works much better. Everyone has some taste of some sort which does not align with the majority, and everyone has some taste which does. It gets even messier when you start trying to define the majority because if you don’t define it well, you get absurd results. I have different taste in video games than the majority of the NBA. So what?

  2. I think it’s always better to have more developed tastes and criteria that allow you to understand what you actually like and find stuff that best suits you. I like to think that I actively work on expanding my taste and seeking out games that suit me better.

    Different people expand their tastes in different directions, but to not expand your taste in a subject you enjoy is pure and simple laziness.

  3. Agreed. Klepsacovic taking it a step further is true too, just look at any sportsfan or fan of anything really; hobbies, tv shows, books. We (this immediate community) are just more focused on MMOs and other geekery.

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