Goodwill to all PUGs

Happy Christmas, blogoverse!

Hey, even as a non-believer I can get behind the notion of a season of goodwill and peace to all men. I just wanted to share a couple of positive stories to wind up for the holidays on an upnote.

Firstly, massive props to the tank in my random group who nailed every single pull in Old Kingdom perfectly yesterday. It may feel old fashioned in these days of ‘charge in and AE everything’ but the Old Kingdom instance was notorious for the tricky trash pulls when we all were in blue and green gear. I find it somehow soothing to watch a tank manage all the pulls so neatly, it reminds me of what I enjoyed most about tanking instances. And somehow it doesn’t surprise me that he was a warrior — if there is a warrior ethos for tanking, it’s to do with finesse rather than barging in and hitting random AE abilities. That just comes from the huge toolset that protection warriors are given, whereas if all you have is an AE hammer (aka swipe), everything will look like a nail. When you see it done well, warrior tanking is the WoW equivalent of poetry in motion.

Heartwarming story two was the guy who was asking around for a blacksmith in Dalaran. So I asked him what he needed, and it turned out that he wanted to give his girlfriend some epic plate armour as part of a christmas present. We looked at her armoury together (she plays a retribution paladin — go girl!) and picked out a nice upgrade that he could afford. I even sold him some titansteel cheaply because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

Hint: All women love epic plate, especially if it has cool spikes on it.

And lastly if you haven’t seen it yet, and particularly if you are a fan of Glee or Beyonce, check out this brilliant WoW filk, Ninja Raiders. I’ve been humming it all day. QQ QQ QQ.

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