It came from the PUG: CALL ME PALALORD!

Today’s instalment of random pick up group experiences is dedicated to lower level dungeon groups. Lower level groups bring a whole new level of insanity to the usual mix, because it’s pretty much expected that people are still learning to play their class and role. In some cases, it seems that people are still learning how to actually interact with other human beings online as well.

But what I am mostly finding is that however bad the group actually is – and I’ve had some real howlers – I don’t see the same level of frothing ragequit, random quits for no reason, or personal attacks that a bad (or even a good) group in a level 80 heroic can generate. I assume this is because even fanatical players realise that low level instances aren’t all that important in the great scheme of things, plus at least you still get xp for the stuff you kill.

Now I will never understand why getting your frost badges in heroics in 15 minutes instead of 10 will reduce some people to incoherent rants about slow, useless tanks. Surely they must realise it isn’t that much of a deal? Or in fact any much of a deal. But apparently these things are deeply important to some players.

Disagreements in a lower level instance are more like having an argument with a bunch of people who have been smoking pot. They’re arguing, but no one can  be bothered to get really worked up about it all.

Thanks for mad group!

The place is Gnomeregan. I sigh internally as I zone in on my warlock, because I’d forgotten that I was in the level range for that instance. I don’t hate the place, although it has a well deserved reputation as the hardest low level instance if you do it at the right level. But I remember it as being long, rambling, wipetastic, and something of a maze.

The group says Hi to each other. We’re all towards the lower level of the instance range. But that needn’t be a problem if we all play carefully and take things easy. And what’s the chance of that in a PUG?

I was surprised to see two people tanking, until I realised that the paladin was the healer and just grabbed some extra mobs when he was bored. Or because he could.

I was surprised to see two people pulling, until I realised that the hunter had a different idea of pacing from the tank.

I was surprised when a boss dropped a sword with a melee proc and the hunter explained to everyone that if it had been anything other than a sword, he would have taken it. And then the tank countered with ‘no, it’s a tanking sword,’

And then there was the point where the tank finally got annoyed with the hunter (this had been working itself up to a critical mass over the course of the instance) and sat down, sulking, and suggesting that the hunter should tank if he was so keen to pull. So the hunter did tank the next couple of pulls. And then instead of leaving, the tank seemed to get over it and took over again.

And most of all I was surprised when I was relating this on guild channel and someone (reasonably) asked whether the group had broken up, and I answered, “Uh no, actually we’re just looking at the last boss now.”

The tank summed it up after the group had successfully killed Mechatorque and everyone got their achievements and goody bags. He said, “Thanks for mad group all, see you round,” and left.

I was laughing. I think what struck me about this group is that they were all over the place and breaking all the rules, but not actually playing so badly that we couldn’t get through the instance. And even though people were arguing, no one seemed genuinely upset.


The second group was less successful in terms of actually completing an instance, but massively more entertaining. Arb and I zoned into Zul’Farrak to be greeted in party chat with, “Call me palalord!’”

A couple of pulls into the instance, someone pointed out politely that a palalord might be able to hold aggro. But that didn’t stop the tank from piling on in. He just said, “Call me palalord, pls!” (It wasn’t his name.)

Arb was more concerned that the other shaman (who was called something like Dpslol or Loldps) had better hair than her, but did a bang up job of healing through the awesomeness that was the palalord’s creative pulling.

Group chat was getting increasingly incoherent, not because people were angry but because they were just … incoherent. Palalord died on a couple of pulls. I turned on growl and I think the warlock had a similar idea because the pets picked up on the tanking well enough to avoid a wipe.

Somehow, we made our way through a few bosses. I wish I had written down some of the randomness that made its way into group chat because I was laughing too hard to care about whether we cleared the instance or not.

We didn’t get through to the last boss, but again, the group was remarkably good spirited. No one was actually horrible to the palalord, even though he was pretty bad. I’m suspecting a kid behind the keyboard. Still, kid or not, and bad player or not, he and the rest of the group were more mature about laughing it all off than a lot of the players I have been teamed with in heroics.

Run low level instances in the dungeon finder. Even when they are bad, it’s a great way to put things into perspective.

13 thoughts on “It came from the PUG: CALL ME PALALORD!

  1. I have had some mad, mad runs through low level instances and agree – while there is lunacy (pallys who don’t know how to Rez? Hunters rolling on shields? Locks who don’t know about life tap?) rarely is there outright hostility.

    The only exception is Wailing Caverns. That instance is SO long, ragequits do happen. (Pugs aren’t meant to last over an hour, I guess.)

  2. After some really “nice” experiences, I go to lowbie dungeons only with 2-3 guild members. I rather went to a dungeon with 4 guildies, no one officially capable to tank (pure DPS and heal/dps classes) than finding “palalord”.

    While I agree that lowbie instances are NOT serious business, I just don’t want to spend 2 hours with “palalord” or “dpslol” or “xXDarkArthasXx” or any other mentally retarded being. Considering that your posts show an intelligent person, I’m surprised how can you tolerate the presence of such beings (regardless ingame rewards/punishments).

    • I’m not sure why this one just struck me as funny. I did whisper to Arb that we could leave any time she wanted but we stuck with it for awhile.

      Maybe it’s because my goal here was to get some practice playing my character (certainly did that!), get some xp, and hang out with my sister. Finishing the instance would have been nice, but we’d already run it once that day.

      Or maybe I just was feeling particularly chilled out.

      And also, any time I get something interesting crop up in groups these days, at the back of my mind I’m thinking that I could get a blog post out of it.

  3. I did this totally screwed up Ragefire Chasm run the other day. The tank (from Inglorious Gankers no less) was excellent. The spunky little gnome and I chewed through the instance up until the first boss with absolutely NO help from the three DPS, two of which stood around comparing companion pets (I kid you not, one had a snowshoe rabbit and the other had an owl and they were sizing them up all the way through) while the other only seemed to realise we were in combat when the other two eventually stopped comparing and started fighting.
    Even after repeated pokes and prods by me in party chat they still point blank refused to do anything unless we pulled more than one mob (Granted, we could handle it, but it slowed us down as I had to mana break after every fight)
    Eventually, after a wipe on trash before the first Demon boss – do you KNOW how far the Alliance have to run to get back to RFC? – we kicked one of the pet-loving DPSers, who was shortly followed by the other one complaining “why did u kick him?”. Strangely, the mobs that wiped us beforehand were a total breeze without those two, and the third DPSer (now the only one) actually pulled his act together and we 3-manned the boss, rather than, you know, 2 manning it like we had been doing the rest of the instance.

    We didn’t do the rest of the optional bosses. We got our blue items and scarpered.

  4. Call me Palalord sounds like, uh, some kind of terrible tank pillowtalk…

    Call me palalord! I want your epic healz baby!

    *runs away screaming*

  5. I went on my first ever instance run as my hunter the other week.

    I ran out of arrows about 8 pulls from the end.

    (Oh my God I was so embarrassed. Because it was a random dungeon I couldn’t hearth out and get any, so I started going melee on trash, using traps for AoE and saving arrows for bosses. I was still third on the damage meter for those pulls…)

    I didn’t realise how many arrows I would get through in a dungeon run. Now I take about 10,000 everywhere.

  6. A lot of the fun of low level dungeons is running around with a collection of sometimes weird people. But you do have to have a lighthearted attitude. The low level dungeons are easy enough now that it doesn’t take too much to be able to get through it.

  7. I actually have a lot of fun running the low level instances. Generally, you get a fair number of people that haven’t entirely figured out how to play their class, but about 75% percent of the time I find they’re open to suggestions. Was running Scarlet Monastery the other day with a warlock that had their voidwalker out and was basically just spamming drain soul fights. I whispered, told them my main was a warlock and asked if I could suggest a rotation and see about pulling their imp out.

    After a few more pulls, go ta whisper back “Holy crap – thanks man – my dps has tripled” In the typical heroic these days, the response would have probably been something more like “up yrs n00b!”

  8. I’m leveling 4 lowbies through dungeons right now (protpala,retpala,hunter,restodruid) and I’m having a blast because it is the first time I’m doing classic dungeons at the appropriate level (and I have 6 80s and another 4 above 70, startet playing after BC).
    My first toons maybe went to deadmines but that was it because back then this was the only reasonable dungeon for alliance:

    – RFC: unreachable without help
    – WC: you usually get there way after the level-range of the dungeon
    – DM: if you know how to get there as horde, its easy (swimming takes about 5min)
    – BFD: I went there once, died and not knowing that ghosts/whisps can dive (because they always walk on water) couldn’t get to my body …
    – RK: again, horde has it way easier to get there
    – SFK: same as WC, you only try to get there if you are a alliance-paladin doing the mace-quest
    – Gnome: was hated by everybody, hard to find groups
    – RD: same as RK
    – SM: same as SFK, its an even longer way to get there for alliance
    – Uldaman: the only instance thats actually hard to get to as horde (or maybe I am missing something and there is an easier way to get to Kargath)
    – Mara: like Gnome and nobody likes Desolace
    – ZF: I actually went there a few times back then, I like the dungeon
    – ST: like Gnome and Mara
    – BRD: after the initial hatred I fell in love with it but it takes so long…
    – LBRS & UBRS: see BRD

    As you can see, most of the dungeons weren’t accessible for the casual alliance player in the appropriate level-range (aka you don’t get there through normal quest/zone-progression). So I created 3 of the lowbies before the LFD tool on horde side since I wanted to experience said dungeons on the appropriate level but had no time to actually level them out of the starting area.
    And now I don’t even have to set foot outside of a city, leveling with heirlooms.

    Aside from the occasional real newbie or complete retard I only have problems with players that could tank rolling need on tank-items (for instance items with defense/block on them or with a high amount of stamina). When I look for a dungeon on my pure dps its always the tank that is missing (in rare cases a healer). So if they want to tank why didn’t they sign in for it? Yeah it’s the same reason why people do it on level 80 but the difference is, the level 80 wannebe-tank could still use the item weeks later but the then-level50-wannabe-tank hardly wants to use that shield he “stole” in RK (even the quest-shield for RK is better). There is simply no point in rolling need on items you might use if there is someone who actually wants to use it now.

    Regarding the difficulty of dungeons these days (especially with toons that have a blue or heirloom in every slot): I 2manned the first 4 bosses in RK on level 26 on my hunter with a mage and also on my hunter tanked (trash in melee combat with two heirloom-daggers with crusader on them, and kiting bosses) RD on level 37 when the tank left us after the spider-boss (it helps to have two alliance-t10-hunters ^^, besides the healer was awesome).
    I soloed RFC and SFK solo on level 26 because when my paladin had time (leveled to fast due to heirlooms) to do the quest the dungeons wouldn’t show up in LFD anymore. But the most memorable moment was a complete mara-runthrough on my retpaladin, with all players including the warrior tank being only 42.

    Sorry for the long comment :/

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