MMO Rumours: New version of Ultima Online? SOE closing studios?

A couple of fairly major rumours have been doing the rounds over the last day or so.

1. Based on the fact that EA is recruiting one (1) MMO programmer for an unannounced project, there’s a rumour that they’re planning a remake/ sequel to Ultima Online. If it’s true and sticks with the strong worldbuilding focus of the original game, this could be very interesting indeed.

But chances are that any updates will neuter whatever made UO fascinating to players at the time.

And incidentally if you want to try the original Ultima Online, there’s a 14 day free trial. I would also like to give Mythic props because this is the first official newbie guide I’ve seen that offers advice on how to choose a shard/server.

2. And the other, less happy rumour is that Sony Online Entertainment is closing studios and laying off a third (!) of their staff. That’s a lot of staff. Wish them all well if it’s true.

12 thoughts on “MMO Rumours: New version of Ultima Online? SOE closing studios?

  1. oh, no… Ultima IV?

    My favourite waste of time at school back then, skipped quite a few classes by sitting in the computer room, running around and fighting monsters. Hours and hours of wasted studying…

    Kind of feel the closet opening again… 😀

    C out

  2. If you’re on OS X, make sure you try out Lairware’s Ultima III remake. Awesomez (though essentially just a really good port, initially done on OS 8, iirc).

    Ultima Online rocked. The simulation approach, where even the economy was initially closed, was incredible. But then the glut of caps and shoes on the market drove prices so far down… I still go back for a month every year and a half or so. And I still hate PvP with a passion thanks to [the original flavor of] UO. Hopefully they’ll keep the original online even if they remake.

    Which shard? Here’s your guide: Chesapeake. ;^)

  3. That 1 programmer must be a genius to make the new MMO. I guess the crisis is hitting hard the companies and one sallary is more than enough nowadays to try to make a good game!

  4. The first thing I did after discovering teh Intarwebs in 1995 was to join the Ultima Dragons, an Internet fan club of all things Ultima. Ultima V was the first game I ever bought, even though it cost me a fortune in pocket money.

    I wouldn’t be interested in a new Ultima Online, but a modern remake of Ultima IV would kick major ass.

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