There is at least one happy customer at the SWTOR release date change

I realise that to most readers, Bioware tweaking the EU release date of SWTOR forward by couple of days is an incredibly minor detail.

But I’m seeing it as a nice touch, and it’s because of the Christmas timing. I can live with being a couple of days behind the yanks, but having a release on Dec 20th as opposed to 22nd means a better chance for anyone who ordered from a mail order company like Amazon or Game to get their copy before the Christmas holidays start.

Like I say, not a huge deal, especially since servers are going to be under a lot of stress at the time. But it’s a nice touch and I appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “There is at least one happy customer at the SWTOR release date change

  1. Hmm, not sure I’m happy because that means the new release date is on daughter number one’s birthday and I don’t think she’ll appreciate daddy sloping off from her party to play SW;ToR 🙂

    On the other hand, the previous release date was my sister’s birthday instead (and my mother’s is on Chistmas Day, and my niece is in January – it’s an expensive time of year!)

  2. Make that two happy customers 🙂 In my case it means I might actually get to play the game this year (as opposed to after the holidays.) With early-access, I should get about a week of play time before all the family business starts.

  3. If as they claim SWTOR is about story, and IF as they also claim that it supports solo play then why the rush? I mean everyone knows there will be server stress and who really expects no bugs?

    So what is the rush? It’s not like you have to speed through the levels so you can raid. I thought the big draw is the story and everything associated with it.

    Yes we all like to have the shiny new toy and get to play with it first. But many (I haven’t) have played the beata already. To me there is nothing wrong with taking your time with this one.

    Then again there are those players that will try to complete Skyrim in 20 hours.

    • The ‘rush’ is because I get 2 weeks holiday at Xmas and it would be nice to have a fun new game to play 🙂 Plus I get a kick from being in at the beginning of a new MMO.

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