[Social Games] Game of Thrones, and other improvements in Facebook gaming

game of thrones

It’s ironic that just as people are cooling on Facebook as a gaming platform, the quality of gaming on  FB is improving in leaps and bounds. This has been a long trend, encompassing more classic games like Words with Friends and Draw Anything, as well as Bejewelled and Hidden Object style gameplay.

But the more typical social games themselves have also been improving. You can’t get away entirely from the more annoying aspects – the popup windows urging you to use the store to speed up your actions, or to spam your friends with invites and/or gifts (less of an issue if you have a spare gaming account and keep your FB gaming ‘friends’ separate from people you actually know) – but there are more games around now which feature more interesting options, and more intriguing gameplay.

Game of Thrones Ascent (now in beta) is a good example of the type. As you might guess from the title, this is the official game of the series so it isn’t surprising that it plays the TV theme at you when it loads. The team are also respectful to the IP, tying your own stories into the better known NPCs and noble houses that you’ll be familiar with from the books/ films. You play the founder of a minor noble house, swearing fealty to one of the larger houses (Lannister forever! I hold out the faint hope that Charles Dance with no shirt on might show up if I’m loyal enough!)  and getting a castle of your own to name and improve.

Along the way there is crafting, some castle simulation (you know the type of thing: improve various buildings, craft/trade various things), and you can recruit and train sellswords to send on adventures. You get to build up your skills as a fighter, merchant, or sneaky bastard and decide whether your noble values their family over the realm, the new ways over the old, and whether you prefer cunning or honesty. There is also a narrative thread about you building up your domains, which also ties into the storylines from the series (first book, so far) where you get little episodes with choices to make and that may also need you to send off your minions to do various things. It’s nicely done, and as I say, respectful to the IP.

There are also boss fights which are more like MMO raids where you can invite your friends to come help. I’ve seen this mechanic before in social games (for example in Rage of Bahamut) and it’s an interesting tweak on the social baseline. In the few I have seen so far, it is possible to finish off the boss mob alone, it will just take longer. The game also includes a chat window (which is a bit odd since it’s on Facebook which has a chat window anyway) which I guess means you could chat to your mates while taking out the big baddy.

There is also some gameplay I haven’t got to yet which involves PvP, possibly in alliances. It’s a very MMOish social game.

I’m finding this interesting enough for a blog post, it’s still in beta and can be a bit sluggish, but recommended if it’s your kind of thing!

11 thoughts on “[Social Games] Game of Thrones, and other improvements in Facebook gaming

  1. My first thought was “social game” and Game of Thrones meant that it was going to be akin to the Fantasy Flight boardgame Game of Thrones, which itself owes a debt to the old Avalon Hill title Diplomacy.

    Then I thought who were the people who tended to win a game of Diplomacy, and I decided that this approach to GoT was better.

  2. You are a Lannister? Pfft! I quit Facebook games in fall and haven’t looked back, simply because they turned into way too much of a timesink. I am already playing a timesink, I don’t need more of that. But if you like this, I might have to give it a try. 🙂

    • See, me and Charles Dance have this long running thing — well, I admit it’s mostly one way … 🙂

      But I’d be curious to know what you think of the game if you do try it.

  3. Most social games give away a bit of the RMT currency. I have yet to find a way to earn gold in-game. I have found options that require 215 gold to unlock, plus another 21 that I cannot see the gold cost of; these are upgrade paths in talents and buildings, not the power and convenience items you can buy. If the other 21 cost the same, unlocking all the game options (again, not buying power or convenience) costs more than the $50 gold pack. That’s a bit of a grab.

    • Wait, I see a potential one: log in seven days in a row, and that prize looks like gold coins. With enough time, we could get the cost of the full game down to $50, woo!

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  5. All seems quite interesting! I’m not quite sure how the Friend/co-op stuff is working, I think I might be assisting and/or requesting assistance, but it’s slightly hard to tell (especially when the client is being temperamental). Must round up some more FB friends for it…

  6. Hmm, I got stuck at level 3 during the tutorial, being asked to build something with some Stone I did not have and with no way I could see to get more. Ah well…looked interesting.

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