Experiments with WordPress Ratings

This is a quick housekeeping post. I’m going to experiment with ratings here for a few weeks, which means people will get the option of rating posts when you read them (not sure if it shows up in the RSS feed though). Don’t feel obliged, I’m just curious as to what sorts of posts people find most interesting.

11 thoughts on “Experiments with WordPress Ratings

  1. I write from my heart whatever comes to my mind and if people like it they’ll come back and if they don’t, that’s their decision. I don’t NEED many visitors/clicks for commercial reasons, since I don’t have any ads or income from blogging. It’s my own little pleasure and I don’t need people to give me grades for it.

    Likewise I never use the rating tool on the blogs that use it. If I adore a post I’ll be likely to comment on it or link it, unless it’s just TOO good so I’ll be silenced since I can’t come up with anything relevant to add (like your recent RP series, which was just excellent.)

    • “unless it’s just TOO good so I’ll be silenced since I can’t come up with anything relevant to add”
      I am glad to not be the only person with this problem. But this is why I think a rating system might be good. It helps with the irritating problem “did not one comment because they couldn’t think of what to say or because they didn’t care enough about the post?” Oh look, a 4.8 average, I guess people liked it.

  2. I don’t see the point in rating your articles. I actually want you to write about stuff that interests you, but not necessarily me, too. I do not think you want to gain more readers, followers and all that. It is also not really a good tool to find out how much people like your articles, style of writing and how you could improve it.

    If this rating feature makes any sense, use it for your warrior guide for example. For guides and articles it is much better than for regular blog posts.

  3. What Larisa said. 😀

    Course if you want to piss about with it a few weeks, it’s no skin off my nose either. 😉 I just never really understood the point of rating stuff that is, essentially, personal opinions.

    That said, I wish to give my comment five stars.

    • I actually think it’s much cooler to be able to rate comments than it is to be able to rate posts. I’m sure if I was self-hosting (which is not totally out of the future possibilities) I could find an addon to do that.

  4. To be honest, it’s not so much about getting more popular (I’m thrilled with how it’s going right now, tbh) as that I found this new thing on the wordpress sidebar and want to give it a whirl to see what it does.

    But I am also curious how people felt about the RP posts. I know I’m fascinated by it which is a) why I wrote about it in the first place and b) why I didn’t ask for feedback because it’s not as if I was going to stop doing them. I know they were longish and dry and it’s kind of an offbeat playstyle is all.

  5. I have implemented them too… more than anything to give the lurkers an option beyond commenting.

    Sometimes the like the post, sometimes they like or agree with a comment.

    I would rather they were given some feedback option (other than commenting which they don’t want to do) than none.

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