What does good gaming journalism look like?

Given the focus at the moment on gaming journalism and what it shouldn’t be doing, I thought it might be fun to look for some great examples of what good gaming journalism can be.

I’m kicking off with a couple of articles that told me a lot about the games they cover and also were (I thought) wildly entertaining reads.

OK, over to you all. Any recommendations for articles that really stayed with you as good examples of what you like to read in gaming journalism?

8 thoughts on “What does good gaming journalism look like?

  1. I’d nominate “Crash” magazine, far and away the best of the UK gaming magazines of the 1980s. The editors clearly took as their model the sharp, witty, uncondescending, culturally literate “Smash Hits”, which was a very high benchmark to aim for and one which they pretty much managed to hit, most issues.

    There’s an online archive : http://www.crashonline.org.uk/

    I do think that the overall expectations and therefore the standards were higher when print was the norm, although it’s fair to say that there was an awful lot of mediocre and poor shelf-filler turned out back then.

  2. “Bow, Nigger” is a classic.

    I’m rather partial to the Rock, Paper, Shotgun coverage of Neptune’s Pride and Solium Infernum. Also, pretty much anything by Kieron Gillen had excellen chances of being good to great.

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